Call Me Sometime

Call Me Sometime [2012]

Having just returned from two months in rehab, where he tried to get sober, a young man named Billy “falls down the rabbit hole” after taking his old job back.

The Five Year Itch

The Five Year Itch [2009]

Matt and Greg have had a tough four years in their “married life”. Going into their fifth year, life and love have become a bit easier and they want to celebrate their union with a group of their other “married” friends. A film in the vein of Woody Allen and Robert Altman.

something beautiful placeholder

Something Beautiful [2005]

Something Beautiful tells the poignant and heartwarming stories of three gay friends who work as hustlers in New York City. Cory, the oldest of the three, tries to recreate the family that was taken away from him, with his friends. Tommy is searching for his biological father who he thinks will give him a “perfect” life, and Charlie is just drifting. After a harrowing three days of drugging with his friends and a stranger they picked up, Cory makes a conscious decision to change his life and attempts to get Tommy and Charlie to do the same. His challenging discovery reveals the truth that everyone must find their own paths to follow – and in their own time.

I shot the first part of this film in an effort to raise money to complete the full feature. I hope to return to this project to shoot the rest of the script. Scroll down to the “Feature” section to watch what we shot.

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Missed Opportunities [2004]

Several people search for LOVE, FRIENDHIP, SEX, and MONEY. They look everywhere, but can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes.

lost boy placeholder

A Day in the Life of a Lost Boy [2004]

An attractive, talented young man can’t get through a day without sex and drugs, as much as he tries. On this day he does his best to stay focused and get his life together.